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5 Reasons Progressive Overload Weight Training should be Part of your Hashimotoā€™s Workout Routine

If you have Hashimoto's and are trying to lose weight, you definitely want to read about the benefits of progressive overload training. This type of strength training involves gradually increasing the weight, repetitions, or sets of an exercise over time. 


By continually challenging...

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L-Glutamine: An Essential Amino Acid with Multiple Benefits for Hashimoto's and Weight Loss

L-glutamine is an amino acid that is essential for a wide range of physiological functions in the body. It plays a crucial role in supporting gut health, muscle growth and recovery, and immune function. L-glutamine is also a powerful tool for managing Hashimoto's symptoms and promoting weight...

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Have Hashimotoā€™s? You need to be eating these!

Food plays a huge role in ditching Hashimoto's symptoms in several ways.

Certain nutrients are necessary for the proper function of the thyroid gland, and a diet that is deficient in these nutrients may worsen Hashimoto's symptoms. For example, iodine and selenium are important minerals that are...

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The BEST Spring Health Habits for Hashimoto's
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Why you need to add Dandelion Greens into your Hashimotoā€™s Wellness Routine

What are Dandelion Greens?


While most people think of dandelions as pesky weeds, their leaves are nutrient dense and can help to balance blood sugar, decrease inflammation and may help aid in weight loss.


Dandelion greens can be eaten cooked or raw. I like to juice them into a green...

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