Summer Healing Rituals for Hashimoto's

hashimotos healing health holistic summer Aug 25, 2022

Blow up your flamingo floaty because summer is in full swing!


But with the sleepy rituals of winter being a thing of the past, summer comes with a whole new set of challenges. The beating sun, brunch dates, and longer days can really do a number on your health & fitness goals.


With all the summer anthems playing on repeat, it’s hard to take time and slow down the pace. Summer is fleeting after all! The sensation of the season slipping through your fingers has you teetering between constant states of FOMO and unbearable exhaustion.


Let’s all say it together: SELF CARE!


Living with Hashimoto’s means you have to prioritize downtime and take a few extra steps to make sure you are in tip-top shape. Here are ways you can prioritize your physical and mental health this summer and co-exist with Hashimoto’s in harmony. 


Adjust Your Sleep Schedule


As daylight hours shift around, your sleep schedule will be the first to be disrupted. You don’t need to be told that hypothyroidism and fatigue go hand in hand so making sure you are well rested is key to surviving this summer. Factor in the longer days and shorter nights and get a helping hand from sleep masks, sleep meditation, and light-blocking curtains to make sure you get your 40 winks.


Swap the Pool for the Ocean


The benefits of swimming in the ocean have been proven time and time again. The magnesium-filled water is a known muscle relaxant, working wonders for the parasympathetic system. This promotes rest and awakens the restorative nature of your body. No wonder you sleep so well after a day by the sea! The cycle is completed with elevated dopamine and serotonin levels, and honestly, we can all do with a little more of that.


Drinking Iced Herbal Teas


Hydration is key during the summer but if drinking gallons of water leaves you feeling like you are hosting an aquarium in your belly, perhaps iced teas are a good alternative. And this isn’t the southern-style sugary sweet tea you might be thinking of. Steeping herbal tea overnight and leaving it in the fridge produces the perfect supplement for a hot summer's day. The Vietnamese are a few steps ahead of the rest of us, with icy-cold green tea having been a staple for many years. Green tea has many anti-inflammatory properties and can be spruced up with a little lemon or mint leaves. 


Basking in the Morning Sun


When the UV index climbs well above 7 and the hole in the ozone growing ever-larger, you might try to avoid the sun at all costs. But don’t knock it too quickly! Soaking in a few rays in the early morning will prove much more beneficial than you think. Between the hours of 8-10 am the sun is less intense than in the afternoon and there is plentiful infrared and UV light. The infrared rays help you absorb the UV rays while also lowering inflammation. Getting enough vitamin D is an instant mood lifter, promoting stress relief and deeper sleep. It is also an immune booster and helps your body retain calcium. So take some time to enjoy the warm golden glow of the early morning and get your day off to a good start. 

Take it easy on yourself this summer and enjoy all the simple pleasures this season brings. A crisp watermelon by the pool, sea salt in your hair, the distinct sandal tan on your feet. All the things that remind you that life is good! Even with Hashimoto’s ;)