The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Women with Hashimoto’s

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Women with Hashimoto’s

Nov 26, 2021

This is the ultimate list for any woman in your life (or yourself) that is managing Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. I have personally used all of these items and absolutely love them and find them essential for my mental health and self care. Living with Hashimoto’s can be an absolute beast, so indulge her a little and let her know you care. Happy Shopping!


Barefoot Dreams Socks

These are THE BEST cozy socks ever. Hashimoto’s will cause us to feel colder than normal and often we feel that the most in our hands and feet. I picked up 2 pairs of these last winter for myself (my husband ended up stealing one pair)  and have also started giving them as gifts. They are so warm and are the perfect little indulgence for cold winter nights cozied up by the fire with a cup of tea.



Ceremonia Aceite de Moske Hair Oil

If you have Hashimoto’s chances are your hair has lost some of its lustre. My sister in law told me about this hair oil (we both have fine, thin hair) and there is a reason it won Women’s Health Mag Best Hair Oil 2021. I put this in overnight or an hour before  I shower and it leaves my hair incredibly soft. The best part is the smell - truly delightful!




Vitamix Blender 

I’ve had my vitamix blender for 7 years now and it’s one item I cannot live without. I use it to make detoxing celery juice in the mornings, my superfood smoothies and gluten free pancakes for my baby. It is an all star in my kitchen and it’s on sale right now.




Joov Solo 3.0 Red Light Therapy

I’ve been using Joov Red Light and near Infrared light therapy for a couple years now after I discovered how beneficial red light therapy is for reducing inflammation and encouraging cellular renewal. I’ve noticed huge differences in my skin and inflammation. I also use it daily when I’m going through a flare and can see huge improvements in my energy and brain fog.



       Epsom salts

I swear by epsom salt baths to help detoxify and lower inflammation as well as get rid of any extra water weight. I tell all of my clients to start taking at least one weekly and they have noticed the benefits as well. Anyone with Hashimoto’s needs a little extra help getting rid of toxins and relaxing and these are the perfect cure. You can pick up bags of epsom salt at any CVS, Target or whole foods or get a cute luxurious bath gift set like the one linked - I use Dr. Teals all the time and love this brand and the variety of scents.




Gift Membership to Thrive Market

Thrive Market is my go to for gluten free goodies and foods that help me heal - from bone broth to individually packed artichokes to kombucha, that have it all. I even get a lot of my supplements from them because they have such great discounts. You can search their online store by gluten-free or AIP and it makes finding healthy and compliant foods so much easier! Use my link for 30% off your next order :)




Rebounding is SO SO SO good for Hashimoto’s. It naturally stimulates the lymph (the waste system of our bodies) and you only need to do 5-10 minutes a day to see the benefits. I use my rebounder in the mornings while my daughter is drinking her bottle to wake up my body and get my systems going for the day. It is gentle on the joints and increases the heart rate. The perfect gift for anyone looking to up their fitness game in 2022.





 A Personal Training or Deep Dive Session with me, The Thyroid Trainer

If you know someone who needs a little extra help managing their Hashimoto’s, I’d love to help. We can do a training session or a deep dive, nutrition session - whatever they need. I’ve had Hashimoto’s for 8 years and have been a personal trainer and nutritionist for 12 years. I’ve used my experience and knowledge to create coaching programs that help women with Hashimoto’s lose weight, increase energy and take charge of their health so that they can get their bodies back. Use code Hashi20 for 20% any coaching program or single session.